about us

Here you will find a virtual inventory, one-of-a-kind pieces, exclusive mine-to-market offers and dealer pricing to those within the trade.

We specialize in the unique and obscure. Our process is also a little different as we focus on giving back to small, hard-working communities that we work with all around the world. When you purchase from us, we show our gratitude by paying it forward to the people that unearthed these materials for us. Our mission it to provide to these communities by helping them enhance their education, food, healthcare, and to form ethical and humane mining practices.

Natural beauty is what attracts us while our passion is spreading love and hope. We pride ourselves in transparency and mindfulness in all aspects of our practices, from the unearthing of your stones to the incredible day when they are in your possession.

Thank you for gifting us with your business.

- Caleb B. Quashen International