What do you mean by “Ethically Sourced”? / What is an Ethically Sourced Stone?

    Recently, the term “Ethically Sourced” graduated into a trendy little phrase. Possibly being used in the way ‘Healthy’ was and consequently printed on every other package in supermarkets of the 90’s.  So, just as Diet Cola once carried the adjective ‘Healthy’, “Ethically Sourced” can now be considered subjective.

Our stones are, in fact, sourced through humane, non-conflict, and ethical means, referring to the practices used by the Mine Owners and Operators from which our gemstones originate.

    We encourage you to educate yourself on the unfortunate methods and practices that some organizations in various countries use at the sacrifice of safety and local economic benefit. Mostly, these unfortunate practices are products of the high demand and low compensation of the large corporate (big box) diamond and gemstone retailers that we are all familiar with.

    While use of the term ‘Ethical’ may be growing popularity, our understanding of the word’s application is that the entire method of our practice should qualify as such.  What this means for us (and you) is that we propel this humane and honest credo into both our pricing and business practices. 

    Although we like to avoid the ‘norm’, we will continue to use this phrase as we whole heartedly practice this methodology throughout our company.  Also, being one of the first to coin the phrase, we feel comfortable with continuing to use it.


Why/How is your pricing Cheap/Low/Competitive?

    Gosh, Thank you for noticing!  There are terms like Cheap, Low, and Competitive that we see a lot in our inquiries. 

‘Cheap’ would refer to a lower quality and we simply do not supply that which is ‘Cheap’.

‘Low’ pricing is relative. Lower than anyone else? Maybe. Low prices can still be high to some.

‘Competitive’ pricing is what companies do to directly compete with a rival company. We do not design our pricing, or any area of business for that matter, for the sake of business beyond our own. 

    Our pricing is based on the actual cost of the pieces we sell and then include necessary margins to cover our costs of operation, overhead and all usual business expenses.  This is why we state “Ethics do not end after sourcing.”  We believe in an ethical approach to pricing and promoting transparency through our Mine-to-Market business model.  With this, we believe we offer the greatest Value over anyone else. Simply because you can buy high quality and/or highly unique material from us at cost that does not disrespect the origin or take advantage of your lack of knowledge.

The real question is, 'Why are They so expensive?'.


Where are you located? / Where do you ship from?

    All of our business is conducted from our humble office in Ventura County in Southern California.  However, we have friends, clients, sources and regularly ship throughout our planet.


Do you sell to the Public?

    While our company is designed to be a Wholesale supplier to Jewelers and Designers, we do offer single piece lots and small lots for Public Sale.


Does your company Set Stones or Make Jewelry?

    Our focus is in the sourcing, manufacturing, and sales of Diamonds and Gemstones. While we do not make jewelry ourselves, we have many Jeweler clients all around the world.  That being said, we can offer you the unique opportunity of a customized shopping experience for your ideal gemstone and then connecting you with one of our Preferred Jewelers to realize your dream piece.


Do your stones come with Certifications?

    As one of the first hands to touch our products since their unearthing, our stones do not typically arrive to us with certifications.  Once received, we rarely certify our stones.  Certifications take an average of 8 weeks, per stone, and typically requires a fee of $100 - $700 per stone.  This not only conflicts with our format of being a high-volume wholesaler, but it also elongates our inventory turn-over, which remains to be very fast and efficient. This is because the certification process of stones is one that is time consuming (up to a couple of months), and also adds an arguably unjustifiable price inflation. This directly conflicts with our Ethical approach to the industry as we will always be as transparent as possible with our pricing.

    Although, if you want to buy a stone and would like us to submit it for Lab testing, we can do so with a partial deposit, since we will have to remove it from inventory and decline anyone else who inquires about it while in the testing process. Either way, it will be a much lower cost to you than anyone else selling the same stone as certified.  With your testing, or in leu of testing, we can provide an In-House Dossier listing the specifics and information of your stone including a current MSRP.

    Additionally, we do at times acquire certified stones through our sources, and we still list them at highly competitive pricing regardless of the current ‘market rate’.  With years of experience and knowledge behind us, we do not regard Certifications as Cost-Enhancing accessories, but rather a verification tool.


Do you charge for shipping?

    We do typically charge for shipping unless fees are listed as ‘included in the sales price’.  Shipping will always be expedited through USPS Priority, FedEx Express, UPS 3rd Day, etc. Signatures may be required.  Typically, we can usually send orders with 2 or even 1 day services.  This primarily refers to our U.S. Domestic orders.